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Solar First’s Rooftop Solar Project Remains Intact Despite The Hit Of Typhoon Doksuri


On July 28th, typhoon Doksuri made landfall in the coast of Jinjiang, Fujian Province with stormy weather, becoming the strongest typhoon to land in China this year, and the second strongest typhoon to land in Fujian Province since there is a complete observation record. After the hit of Doksuri, some local power stations in Quanzhou were ruined, but the rooftop PV power plant built by Solar First in Tong'an District of Xiamen City remained intact and stood the test of the typhoon.

Some damaged power stations in Quanzhou

Solar First's rooftop PV power station in Tong'an District of Xiamen

Typhoon Doksuri made landfall in the coast of Jinjiang, Fujian Province. When its landfall, the maximum wind force around typhoon eye reached 15 degree (50 m / s, strong typhoon level), and the lowest pressure of  typhoon eye was 945 hPa. According to Municipal Meteorological Bureau, The average rainfall in Xiamen from 5:00 am to 7:00 am on July 27 was 177.9 mm, with an average of 184.9 mm in Tong'an District.

Tingxi Town, Tong'an District, Xiamen City, is about 60 kilometers away from the landfall center of Doksuri and is located within Doksuri's category 12 wind circle, which was affected by the strong storm.

Solar First adopted the steel bracket product solution in the design of Tong'an photovoltaic power station project, taking into full consideration of different roof shapes, orientations, building heights, building load bearing, surrounding environment, and the impact of extreme weather, etc., and designed in strict accordance with the relevant national structural and load standards, striving to achieve the maximum power generation and strength with the optimal program, and raising the bracket according to the landscape structure of the original roof on a portion of the roof. After the hit of typhoon Doksuri, Solar First Tong'an District self-built rooftop photovoltaic power station remained intact and stood the test of wind storm, which fully proved the reliability of Solar First's photovoltaic solution and its ability to design on top of the standard, and also accumulated valuable experience for the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power station when faced with the extreme disaster weather in the future.

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